Why does this podcast exist?

Hi there! We’re Christine and Cat.

We’re a Kiwi-Aussie duo on a mission to encourage all New Zealanders to talk more freely about money and how you can actually create your dream life. 

Let's start talking about money.

Us Kiwis aren't as humble as we might think. We're ambitious and we want financial freedom; the bach at the beach and the Audi to match.

But thanks to a dash of tall poppy syndrome and lack of financial education at a young age, we don't want to talk about how to get it.

We stick to what we know – property and saving for savings sake – and forget about the rest. 

We're here to get the conversation started. Because the truth is, there is no secret to achieving financial freedom.

But who actually is Cat? 🤔

Firstly, she's the Aussie of the duo, but we won't hold that against her okay?

Originally from Melbourne, Cat now lives in Auckland with her hubby and two cats. In Australia, she worked in the financial services sector; providing financial advice to millennials through to high net wealth individuals.

When she's not podcasting or annoying her husband with a budget spreadsheet, you'll find her running all things marketing and strategy at Kernel Wealth.

So what can we expect from Cat on the show? Shameless honesty, passionate money chat and an unpopular opinion or two…don't get her started on property 😉

…aaand what about Christine?

A Kiwi with Danish-American heritage, growing up in the Far North of Aotearoa and lived in both Welly and Auckland, we could wonder if Christine has an identity crisis? 

One crisis she definitely doesn't have is what to do with her money – because you can damn well be sure she'll ask until she finds the right answer.

A passionate marketer and entrepreneur, you'll find her hustling in the Kernel marketing team from 9 til 5. And most likely doing yoga or visiting the Far North's white sand beaches outside of that.

In the pod, you can expect Christine to ask the hard-hitting questions and throw Cat under the bus once or twice 😅 #unpopularopinions


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