Episode 13 ⋅ 17th May 2021

Does Every Relationship Need a CFO?

How we approach, manage and grow our money is a personal thing. We start doing this individually and often end up transitioning to a shared agreement with our loved one where we combine finances. Or do we? So does every couple need someone who takes the lead with the finances? Let's discuss. 


Combining finances in a relationship – whether you decide to do it or not – can often be scary and a topic avoided by many couples, especially as they start to get slightly more serious. So is it better for one person to take the reins, manage the finances and well, make your financial dreams a reality? 

We have a lot to say on this topic, so much so that we thought we would bring the conversations we have with our significant other to the pod. 

What's in the episode?

In this episode, Cat and Christine invite their long-suffering partners, Luke and Ollie, onto the podcast for a roundtable discussion about money and relationships. 

The conversation is a little more casual than usual as they share each persons perspective on their journey of combining their money with someone else. 

Specifically, we cover:

  • Whether your relationship needs a CFO
  • How to decide who the best person for the CFO job is (without breaking up)
  • When you need both people on board with a financial plan or budget and how to make that happen
  • Getting your money values aligned and the problems you'll encounter if you don't
  • Christine & Ollie share their decision and discussion around combining finances for the first time
  • How to know whether you need a prenup and what even is being defacto?!
  • How to not forgo your personal freedom whilst finding balance in managing your money together 
  • Whether having security over your finances is the key to relationship calm
…And there's lots more juicy chat in there, so get listening now. 

Great resources mentioned on the podcast are: 

  1. Determining Your Values Exercise – The 6 Human Needs by Tony Robbins

  2. Values Assessment (to be used alongside the Values Checklist)

  3. Values Checklist (to be used alongside the Values Assessment)


Featuring on today's podcast are your hosts, Cat and Christine.

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