Episode 4 ⋅ 16th March 2021

Is Investing with Family for Love or Money?

Investing with family members can come in many forms; from the Kiwi dream of owning property, running your own business, investing on behalf of a family member or providing financial assistance for cultural reasons. And whilst there can be many pros to helping others, particularly those closest to us, there can also be downsides. 


Whether you're investing in half a property with your sibling, or loaning a family member cash to pay off a personal loan, investing with family can get complicated, fast. 

We know that interpersonal relationships can be affected by our money interactions and when it comes to family, the stakes are inevitably higher. 

So what happens when you start investing with family only with good intentions, to have the situation change and you're left worse-off, financially?  Like we said, investing with family gets complicated fast. 

What's in the episode?

In this episode, Cat and Christine unpack the key differentiating factors between investing with family for love, or money. They share personal experiences with financially supporting family, and on the flip side, ensuring they didn't feel like a financial burden to their families. 

Specifically, they cover:

  • What the difference between investing with and financially helping family is – and what to consider in each scenario
  • How to approach a conversation around money with a family member 
  • How financially assisting or investing with family might affect your relationship, and what you can do to protect this
  • Financial resilience – what is it and why is it important when thinking about helping others 
  • When it's okay to put yourself first financially 
  • Helping family members financially for cultural reasons and how to make this work 
  • The keys to a successful investing partnership with family members 
  • Key actions you can take right now, if money is something affecting your family relationships
…And lots more, so get listening now

Featuring on today's podcast are your hosts, Cat and Christine.

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