Episode 1 ⋅ 8th March 2021

Do you let money control your life?

Cat and Christine unpack the question of whether we have control of our money, or whether it controls us. You'll hear what a healthy relationship with money looks like, how our childhood can impact the forming of our money habits and tips to improve how you feel about money. Listen below.


Whether you're conscious of it or not, your relationship with money is the absolute start of your financial journey and can have a huge impact on other areas of your life. It can impact things like how stressed you are, how you go about negotiating your salary, the success of your romantic relationship, your approach to growing your money etc etc. The list goes on. 

Control is so closely tied to how we interact with money, because when we feel in control we can feel good, inspired and really to crush our financial goals. When we don't, we can feel frazzled, stressed, and demotivated to make changes or improve our situation. 

Fun fact: in 2017 the CFFC surveyed more than 3000 New Zealanders and found that 1/3 of women in NZ don't know which funds their KiwiSaver is invested in. Talk about a lack of financial clarity and control huh?

What's in the episode?

In this episode, Cat and Christine dive into what having a healthy relationship with money looks like (and what that even means!), and how you go about changing your feelings towards it by taking a peek back at your childhood.

Specifically, they cover topics like:

  • Why it's important to have a healthy relationship with money so we feel in control of our financial future
  • Whether we are taking an abundance mindset, or a scarcity mindset when approaching money – and if there's a point where an abundance mindset can actually work to our detriment
  • How our parents' relationship with money formed or influenced ours
  • Why taking responsibility of our own relationship with money can have a big positive impact on the success of our romantic relationships
  • What you can do RIGHT NOW to start improving your relationship with money (stop beating yourself up about that daily latte is a start!). 
…And there's lots more goodness in there, so get listening now. 

Great resources mentioned on the podcast are: 

  1. CFFC study: Money stress causing relationship problems for 1 in 5 New Zealanders

  2. 5 ways to go from a scarcity to abundance mindset

Featuring on today's podcast are your hosts, Cat and Christine

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