Episode 32 ⋅ 14th December 2021

How to Do Your 2021 Financial Review

Setting financial goals is incredibly important to create purpose for your money and keep us focused on the long-term, particularly when investing. But oftentimes we can forget to take a moment, look back and check in on how we're going. This can help us regain focus, realign with our purpose and more. So, today we dive in and take a look at how to do just that. 


2021 has been a wild and wonderful year, with record-low interest rates, a booming property market and for our fellow Aucklanders, 150 days of lockdown…

Naturally, these things may have influenced our ability to make progress on our finances throughout the year – perhaps positively and not-so-positively – so we thought we'd take a look at how we're tracking, so you can too. 

What's in the episode?

In this episode, Cat and Christine take a look back at 2021; how we went financially, whether our personal net worth values have changed and by how much, and why. 

Specifically, we cover:

  • Our 2021 financial goals; How we went and are feeling about them rounding out the year 
  • Any challenges we came up against moving towards them – both positive and not-so positive 
  • How various events throughout 2021 (hello lockdown and low-interest rates) have impacted our ability to meet our goals 
  • Any and all adjustments we have made throughout the year to move us closer to #financialfreedom
  • What to do with new inflows of cash as we meet new financial goals and fee up cash
  • Scenario planning for your finances in 2022 – i.e. growing your family, getting a pay rise, working a yearly holiday into your budget etc.
  • Whether we include physical assets in your net worth and therefore financial review/check in
  • An exciting announcement from Cat!
…And there's lots more goodness in there, so get listening now. 

Great resources mentioned on the podcast are: 

  1. The It's No Secret Net Worth Spreadsheet

Featuring on today's podcast are your hosts, Cat and Christine.

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