Episode 43 ⋅ 17 January 2023

Why 20-Somethings Feel Like They Can't Afford to Have Kids

Are you a part of the young adults feeling like you can't afford the financial costs of starting a family? Well, you're not alone! Tune in as we chat through realities of starting a family. 

What's in this episode?: 

Are you nearing the stage of life where expanding your family is a focus or goal?

In this episode, we cover:

  • Costs to consider when having kids, and whether these should inform your decision or not
  • Why you often have much longer to save for the expenses than you think
  • Whether the reality of the finances with having kids versus the idea of it are the same
  • How Cat's finances have faired before and after having a child did she stick to her budget or not?
  • Whether having kids can actually change your financial habits for the better, not worse 

Great resources mentioned on the podcast are: 

  1. The case for not having kids: Why women are putting the conversation on ice
  2. New Zealand's birthrate the lowest ever, but fewer deaths and migration nudge population growth – Stats NZ

Featuring on today's podcast are your hosts, Cat and Christine.

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