Episode 16 ⋅ 17th August 2021

Why is Money Such a Driving Factor of Our Career?

Does money or our career come first? As a society we're told to do what we love, chase our dreams but also make sure we are financially secure. So, is it possible to do both? Find out in our podcast episode.


The link between money and our career is one that we think is applicable to absolutely everyone in some shape or form. And it's a topic that we're sent mixed messages about growing up and as we continue on the journey that is life.

Society tells us that we should build a career that pays well, but also that chasing money is ‘money hungry' and not something to be proud of. So, which one is it? 

What's in the episode?

In this episode, Cat and Christine dive into the link between our career, money and happiness. They share some real truths about how Kiwis see this link plus personal stories about their experiences navigating their career, salary negotiations and more.

Specifically, we cover:

  • Why happiness tends to diminish the more money we make
  • What to consider when choosing a career – because there is so much more to it than just money! 
  • Why both Cat and Christine value purpose over money when it comes to their career
  • Tips for knowing your value and worth, negotiating salary and more
  • Tips for navigating your career and salary from Rosey Nathan, Senior Partner at Customise Talent Group and host of the Rosey on Recruitment & Career Podcast
…And there's lots more goodness in there, so get listening now. 

Great resources mentioned on the podcast are: 

  1. Personal Finance Subreddit – Salary thread
  2. Salary Guide (Salaries NZ)
  3. Salary Guide (Seek NZ)
  4. Rosey's Career & Recruitment Podcast

Featuring on today's podcast are your hosts, Cat and Christine.

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